Gain support and confidence by working with a leading specialty consulting firm for a diverse range of engineering and testing services. From design analysis for special structures to noise and vibration control for sensitive locations, find expert advice and long-term success with ESI Engineering.

From contributing to the designs behind life-saving facilities to laying a sometimes literal foundation for structures that will help test and create next-generation technologies, ESI Engineering joins you at the forefront of your field as an encouraging and empowering partner.

Structural Design & Analysis

Strive for innovation by leveraging decades of experience in structural design for special applications.

All projects from small to large can benefit from advanced structural analysis and design. ESI’s engineers have been instrumental in the design of special structures such as research laboratory strong walls and strong floors, automotive vehicle simulators, seismic masses, high-force reaction frames, nuclear fuel handling equipment, and conveyor and transport structures. We believe smart design through carefully prepared calculations, drawings and specifications is the path to realize our client’s dreams of innovation.

Vibration Control

Increase research accuracy, protect critical equipment, and improve living and working environments with precise vibration measurement and control services.

Finding an expert in the field of vibration measurement and control can be difficult. Our industry-leading knowledge allow us to eliminate the potential for problems, as well rectify existing ones, by drawing on the latest in technology from the world’s leading vibration isolation manufacturers. Create high-performing spaces for medical, research and high-tech manufacturing facilities by partnering with our team.

Noise Control

Create quiet spaces that promote comfort, accuracy, and productivity with specialized noise assessment and room acoustics services.

Noise control and room acoustics can be an important piece of the design puzzle. Our specialists work with the latest equipment and methods to inform architects, engineers, and owners what they need to know to create exceptional interior and exterior environments. All types of facilities ranging from a power plant to a hospital can benefit from well executed noise control and acoustic engineering.


Proactively monitor vibration where construction is taking place in close proximity to sensitive equipment and processes.

Vibration monitoring is often a critical component of construction. A better alternative to “traditional” construction monitoring has been developed by ESI that ensures sensitive operations are not disturbed during sometimes long construction projects. Data centers, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities can benefit from this piece of mind. Real time monitoring, reporting, and recording of vibration levels can be made at any site with remote access via your computer or smart phone.

Mechanical FEA

Improve your current product, or enter your next market, with ESI’s computer simulation, analysis, and design services.

Mechanical FEA can mean many things to different people. We partner with clients on all sorts of design endeavors including new product development, product improvement, manufacturing equipment failure analysis, infrastructure component analysis, vibration related problems, and more. The difference between ESI and the competition is that we are not just familiar with the software, but we are experienced engineers who take the time to understand the problem and develop creative solutions that work for our clients.

In Memorium - R. Barry Whiteaker

We are sad to share the news of the recent passing of one of our firm partners, R. Barry Whiteaker.

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Meeting Clients' Needs

Our clients come to us to solve their most complex problems. Providing affordable and elegant solutions, our specialty engineering consultants enjoy challenges and take pride in delivering value. Trust our attention to detail and proven approach that takes client satisfaction to a new level and results in relationships that last for years. Bring your next design, control, or monitoring project to our experts for support and guidance.

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Experience Matters

Leverage 50 years of expertise in countless domestic and international projects to bring insight, efficiency, and simplicity to your processes. Since 1970, our specialty engineers, designers, and measurement technicians have provided certainty and proven results. Benefit from multi-disciplinary solutions that directly stem from our depth of experience, our breadth of knowledge, and our skilled team of engineering consultants.

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