Children's National Medical Center - Washington, D.C.

Vibration Control & Measurement


Washington, D.C.


HGA Architects

General Contractor:


In Spring 2013, the Children’s National Medical Center, in conjunction with the National Institute of Health (NIH), opened a new state-of-the-art interventional cardiovascular imaging core. There was concern about potential vibration caused by a parking garage below and adjacent driveway since the 1.5 Tesla MRI was located on the second floor.

Vibration measurements were made by ESI on the existing structure isolated MRI concrete mass that was encased in a double walled steel box in order to assess current conditions. ESI assessed permissible vibration levels, vibration monitoring, and specified mechanical equipment isolation in order to ensure the success of the facility. ESI was also responsible for noise control and room acoustics design.

Imaging performance was important since the dual-modality suite allowed overlay of x-ray images and real time MRI images to assist in the guiding of catheters, reduced anesthesia, and reduced radiation exposure.

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