Magnetic Coater Head Resonance - Manufacturing Process - Dynamics

Mechanical FEA


Weatherford, Oklahoma


Imation Enterprises Corp.

General Contractor:

This cross-disciplinary project shows how ESI can be critical part of developing your new manufacturing line. Our analysis experts worked with our measurement technicians and structural engineers to examine resonance on a critical piece of manufacturing equipment.

Mechanical finite-element analysis was one of the many tools used to give our customer an integrated design solution for a new production machine. This coater head assembly applies a very thin coating to a web as it passes through the machine. The film thickness must be precise and very consistent. Vibration of the machine or variations in the speed of the media as it passes through the coater can produce changes in the thickness of the coating that would make the product unacceptable.

Vibration from other manufacturing equipment had to be measured and evaluated to see how much it would affect the coater head. ESI's team was able to provide an integrated approach that took care of all aspects of the project.

Our experts were involved at the design phase of the project to make sure the equipment and environment were compatible.

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