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Mechanical FEA

Location: Various US Locations Client: Thermo King

We have completed dozens of rail car coupling and over the road stress analysis projects for monocoque steel frames used to support cooling compressors and other refrigeration equipment. Analyses considered high-cycle fatigue and dynamic stresses from a linear response spectrum analysis. Steel assemblies examined to comply with AISC recommended limits.

These analyses not only helped ensure that the frames performed through their expected life-cycle, but they also allowed Thermo King to reduce material cost via structural optimization. Our client was able to realize the value of an efficient structure made possible by finite-element analysis.

Up to 25% material savings was realized after performing Power Spectral Density (PSD) response spectrum analysis.

FEA as a discrete service is a commodity. Using experience and engineering judgement of the results to improve your product is what makes ESI different. 

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