CRSI "Design Guide for Vibrations of Reinforced Concrete Floor Systems" is Available

6th January 2016


CRSI Book Photo.jpg


The Design Guide for Vibrations of Reinforced Concrete Floor Systems was published in 2014, and stakes a claim as “The First Design Guide Developed to Assist Structural Engineers with Vibration Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Floor Systems.”

The contents are as follows:

    Chapter 1. Introduction

    Chapter 2. Basic Floor Vibration Principles and Terminology

    Chapter 3. Acceptance Criteria

    Chapter 4. Vibration Characteristics of Reinforced Concrete Floor Systems

    Chapter 5. Examples

    Chapter 6. Mitigation and Remediation Strategies for Vibration

    Appendix A – Vibration Characteristics of a Voided Slab Floor System

This publication provides useful information on recent developments in the area of concrete floor vibration. The first chapters closely follow the approach of AISC Design Guide 11 in the treatment of walking and rhythmic excitation of floor structures.

ESI strives to integrate expertise and experience from many sources, and we have added this Design Guide to our extensive library of resources on design/analysis for vibration due to human activity. We will continue to follow developments in this field and to interact with other experts. The upcoming ACI Spring Convention in Milwaukee is likely to see some interesting discussions on concrete floor vibration.