ESI Video - ESI Presentation at the 2020 ASA Fall Conference

8th December 2020

ESI Video Post – ESI Presentation at the 2020 Acoustical Society of America Fall Conference



Ryan Skoug, P.E. (Acoustics/OR) of ESI Engineering was an invited presenter at the 2020 Fall Conference of the Acoustical Society of America for the session on “Sound Transmission and Impact Noise in Buildings II”.  Ryan presented researcher findings of low-frequency impact noise transmission through floor/ceiling assemblies, as well as laboratory tested results using both tapping machine and ball drop sources.  The following is the presentation abstract:

"Acoustic consultants and manufacturers of sound isolation products are becoming increasingly concerned about low-frequency footfall noise transmission through floor/ceiling assemblies in multi-family buildings.  While the typical IIC rating only evaluates impact noise down to the 100 Hz ⅓ octave band frequency, some product manufacturers are beginning to evaluate impact sound isolation down to the 50 Hz, or even 20 Hz frequency.  In this presentation, we start with a review of a few low-frequency impact noise rating methods, followed by some findings from other researchers who have studied this topic.  We also review laboratory test results for low-frequency impact noise produced with both the standard tapping machine and the Tachibana impact ball, comparing the results to each other and expected outcomes."