Explore our services and connect with us to hear more about our approach to your unique project.

ESI Engineering is your full-service partner for specialty engineering in the areas of structural design and analysis, vibration control and measurement, noise control and measurement, vibration monitoring, mechanical finite element analysis (FEA), and more. When you engage with ESI on a project, you’ll enter into a dynamic and perceptive process where technical engineering, cutting edge technology, and bright experts come together to collaborate for your success. Explore our services and connect with us to hear more about our approach to your unique project.

What We Do

Structural Design and Analysis

Finite Element Analysis | Dynamic Analysis | Foundation Design | Strong Walls/Strong Floors | Nuclear Equipment | Mass Concrete Design| Failure Analysis | Cleanroom Structures | Construction Documents | Safety Related Nuclear

Vibration Control

Sensitive Facilities and Equipment | Vibration Criteria | Vibration Measurements | MRI Vibration Surveys | Mechanical Equipment Isolation | Foundation Design | Special Structures | Vibration Surveys | Feasibility Studies | Footfall Vibration (AISC DG11) | Passive and Active Isolation Systems | Tuned Mass Dampers

Noise Control

Architectural Acoustics | Environmental Acoustics | HVAC | MRI Noise Control | Noise Surveys | Structure-borne Noise | Ground-borne Noise | STC/IIC Testing | Speech Privacy | Room Acoustics | Generator and Equipment Noise


Microelectronics Manufacturing | Hospitals | Research Laboratories | Data Centers | Broadcast and Recording Studios | Construction Monitoring | Historic Structures | Other Sensitive Locations

Mechanical FEA

Mechanical Equipment | Wastewater Treatment Equipment | Filtration Equipment | Mining Equipment | Civil Infrastructure | Product Development | Manufacturing | Nuclear Fuel and Refueling Machines | Crane Systems | Bridge Structures