Proactively monitor vibration where construction is taking place in close proximity to sensitive equipment and processes. 

State-of-the-art vibration monitoring services from ESI Engineering give contractors, engineers, and owners peace of mind at sensitive sites where data is required over long durations such as days, weeks, or even months. When vibration exceeds specified limits, stakeholders are alerted immediately via computer or smartphone so corrective action can be taken. Low amplitude measurements can be made for the most sensitive criteria in acceleration, velocity, 1/3 octave band, RMS and peak particle velocity (PPV) units. 

Vibration and construction monitoring benefits a
variety of facilities, including:
  • Microelectronics manufacturing facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Research laboratories
  • Data centers
  • Broadcast and recording studios
  • Other sensitive locations
  • Historic structures
  • And more

Our engineers go above and beyond typical construction monitoring to ensure that your site or equipment is protected and continues to deliver high performance.

With ESI Engineering, you gain tailored systems that meet the specific requirements of your client and project. We are continuously adding features to our vibration measurement and monitoring system to reduce your risk, provide actionable innovation, and support you in creating better designs and environments.

Some of our recent monitoring projects include:

35W Bridge Construction Vibration

Minneapolis, MN

Smith & Kolthoff Hall Monitoring

University of Minnesota

United Hospital Construction Vibration

St. Paul, Minnesota

Fortune 500 Company Data Center

St. Paul, Minnesota Area

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