Noise Control

Create quiet spaces that allow for comfort, accuracy, and productivity with specialized noise assessment and room acoustics services.

Architect and engineering firms, building owners, and contractors benefit from crucial noise control and measurement capabilities. Rely on our broad range of qualifications and a staff that is well versed in the many important aspects of analysis, instrumentation, signal analysis, and modern acoustical solutions to meet your architectural vision.

Find noise control solutions in the following areas:

Noise measurements are one of our core competencies. We continue to invest in the latest equipment to serve our clients. Examples include: a Larson Davis 831 sound level meter, Larson Davis NoiseTutor monitoring system, and G.R.A.S. Low-noise measuring system.

We provide high performing and cost effective designs to meet ASHRAE, IBC, MPCA, FGI/ASHE, and OSHA guidelines and requirements. 

Receive designs such as: partition STC and floor IIC,  enclosures and barriers to reduce noise, open office ACT selection and cubical layout, masking systems, reverberation acoustical design, long-term monitoring reports, and more.

Develop effective and economical solutions with a partner that understands your needs, the technical challenges of the problem, and how to establish a collaborative path forward.

Some of our past noise control and measurement projects include: