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Strengthen your mechanical and product designs with ESI Engineering. Our specialty engineering consultancy helps a diverse array of industries and manufacturers improve their product or process so that you can have confidence in your innovative design.

Optimize your product or equipment with ESI. Our trusted team believes in supporting innovative design and is committed to helping you create exceptional products that adhere to the highest standards. From maximizing profit and increasing manufacturing yields to ensuring safety and meeting life-cycle requirements, our mechanical product design experts have a proven history of elevating industrial designs. Whether you are working to eliminate end-user complaints on an existing product or exploring possibilities for innovation, we offer supportive services from planning to production and beyond.

Choose a specialized partner to elevate your design.
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Structural Design and Analysis | Vibration Control | Mechanical FEA

ESI Engineering can provide:

  • In-person or over the phone consultation to aid the design process
  • Design partnership to improve the analysis/modeling process
  • Fresh ideas for internal design groups and peer reviews
  • Licensed specialty engineer design evaluation
  • Brainstorming sessions with quick iterative option analysis
  • Detailed analysis reports for compliance
  • Forensic reports showing causes for failure and possible solutions
  • Problem root-cause analysis

Discover a shorter path to new product development or achieve the performance
your customers demand. ESI offers recognized services in structural design and
analysis, vibration control, noise control, mechanical FEA, and more. 

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