St. Louis County - Courtroom Acoustics

Room Acoustics & Noise Control


Duluth, Minnesota


St. Louis County

General Contractor:

O'Neill Engineered Systems

Rooms can be generally characterized as acoustically ‘live’, ‘dead’, or somewhere in-between. ‘Live’ rooms are spaces that have little sound absorption, resulting in many sound reflections, high noise levels and poor speech intelligibility. Dead rooms are spaces with lots of acoustical absorption.

In this project, the historic courtroom fell into the ‘live’ category that made it difficult for the judge, jury and others to hear testimonies during proceedings. ESI used past experience in creating appropriate acoustic environments to drastically increase speech intelligibility after attempts at sound system amplification had failed. RT-60 reverberation time measurements and thoughtful design helped achieve outstanding results.

ESI relied on their past experience with acoustical treatment of historic buildings to give the country a solution that solved the problem and complemented the grand turn of the century architecture.

"The acoustic issues seem to have all been resolved and I am very pleased with the project" - Judge Hylden

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