Bridgewater Condominium Chiller Noise - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Noise Control


Minneapolis, Minnesota


Gittleman Management

General Contractor:

Metropolitan Mechanical Contractors

Noise complaints from rooftop mechanical equipment are common especially in residential buildings where occupants require silence during the nighttime hours. Chillers are particularly susceptible to vibration transmission through improperly designed spring isolators. These problematic systems can be difficult to retrofit after the fact. This is why our client’s rely on us to come up with feasible solutions.

ESI collected on-site noise and vibration data prior to designing and specifying a simple solution to retrofit three existing chiller systems with combination neoprene pad and spring isolators. Resulting noise levels were almost imperceptible in the dwelling units below.

There was a significant cost to using an air isolation system, so ESI’s engineers solved the problem with an alternative approach that significantly reduced cost.

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